The first time

with a Callboy


Tom the callboy from Munich spoils the cultivated lady as an escort.

For women who seek and value discretion, seriousness and a gentleman.


1.)There is no need to be nervous or worried. YOU alone determine what YOU want from me - that clearly distinguishes me from men you can get to know in the "classic" way (single exchanges, in a bar,...) but who can be pushy.Of course you can also express the wish that I should take over the helm and you can just let yourself go.We are very happy to arrange this in advance by telephone or e-mail.


2.) Procedure: After the email contact, we should get to know each other without obligation in a public place.You can say stop at any time if you feel uncomfortable.There is also the possibility for new customers to meet me in the center of Munich for a non-binding coffee or a walk with a short chat (about 30 minutes) and get to know and appreciate me personally in this way or to ask further questions and make requests to express.If you would like to book me immediately afterwards, please let me know what you would like to do before the meeting.So I can dress and equip myself appropriately.My services are based solely on time.I ask you to hand me an envelope at the beginning of the booking.

Reward: 1h 250€ 2h 350€ 3h 550€ 4h 650€ 8h 850€


3.) Dress as you feel comfortable.Unless otherwise agreed, I will appear in dark jeans and a shirt.

4.) Data protection: I will not ask you any private questions.Of course you can use an anonymous email address and a pseudonym.Discretion is a matter of course for me.5.) I am primarily a companion (escort).I am very happy to accompany you to dinner, to a bar, to the cinema/theatre, to sports or to show you my city.I like to massage you, but of course I also fulfill your sensual, erotic wishes.

6.) No hidden costs: I work completely independently and do not belong to any Internet agency/platform that is subject to payment and is often overbooked.This allows me to be available to you very spontaneously and flexibly.

7.) Which woman treats herself to a callboy in times of Tinder & Co?Answer: Which woman can be sure that the internet acquaintance is serious, discreet, unobtrusive and charming and not possibly an annoying stalker who treats women disrespectfully, harasses them or even follows them?Internet acquaintances rarely honestly say what they are actually looking for.Very often it's all about quick, one off and impersonal sex.My goal is to calmly fulfill the woman's wishes/fantasies and to make her happy or simply to have a good time with her.

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I would be happy to email you a list of my services and no-gos on request

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very relevant and interesting to read:

The Callboy

by Lisa Cohen


Sabrina lost count of the number of times she looked in the mirror to check her appearance.She couldn't remember the last time she was so nervous.Sabrina had a date with a man.A date.A sex date, to be precise.They met to have sex.He visited her to sleep with her.There was nothing extraordinary about that in itself.But in this case she didn't know the man who would come to sleep with her.And what was probably even more extraordinary was that the man who was going to see her was getting paid for sleeping with her.It had been a gift from her friends.They must have felt a little sorry for her for having been "dry" sexually for so long. But since her husband left her almost a year ago,she had lost her lust for men.What a pity.How much fun she had had with them before.She had always been open to anything that could be tried between men and women.But a lot had changed since that year.At first she had wanted to turn down the gift.A night with a call boy.paid loveA birthday present from her friends.What a stupid idea.But then she allowed herself to be persuaded.Why not?Was a change again.And of course she missed sex - more and more ... Now the time had come.The doorbell could ring at any moment.If he was ugly or just not her type, she would send him away again.She had the right.She had to like him.Then the gift was gone.she realizedhow suddenly the sweat broke out of every pore.Since when did she get nervous about sex?Her breasts tightened.The nipples rose in demand.Yes, that's fine, she thought almost angrily, it'll be your turn again soon.It was unbelievable how important sex was for the body.Her first sex that she (or rather her friends) would pay money for.Sabrina really hoped it would be memorable.So now the guy could slowly appear... The doorbell startled her out of her tension."Yes, please?" The voice on the other end of the intercom sounded quite nice. A final check in the mirror showed her that she was beautiful. Erotic. But what did that actually matter to the call boy. She smiled involuntarily ,even if she were ugly or fat, he would have to fancy her.At least feign lust.After all, she would pay him.She would have liked to know how he did when he had to please really unsightly customers.Sabrina straightened her body, shrugged her shoulders and stuck out her chest provocatively.She couldn't disappoint because he had nothing to expect.Unlike an affair or a relationship, she didn't have to prove anything.It was wonderfully relaxing actually, such a thing.She didn't have to be good or clever, imaginative or wicked.She couldn't fall in love and didn't have to try to make someone fall in love with her.She had to like the callboy, he had to be good in bed, really good.Otherwise it wasn't worth the money.She opened the door.The first impression of him was positive.He looked good.Masculine, sporty, open face.Despite the situation, it inspires confidence.Not necessarily like a callboy.Maybe it was better that way.The tension eased off her a little.She guessed how perfectly built he would be under his clothes.Naturally.That was his job.To look perfect and be perfect in bed.Was he already a little excited?Or if he could turn on his arousal at the push of a button?She offered him a glass of wine.It was probably done to lighten the mood a bit.He only drank a few small sips while she even poured herself a second glass.Sabrina cleared her throat a little embarrassed."Well, maybe we should slow down... I mean..." She broke off uncertainly. "Of course. As you wish.You decide what you want and how you want it!” She smiled contentedly. Feeling serene and relaxed and finally in the right mood for sex again. Well, it just had to be the right man. She had nice black underwear dressed. She wanted to make a good impression. He sat down close to her. The man smelled good. Tart and manly. His eyes were dark and enticing. His lips were soft and sensual. His hands were strong. They would be able to grab it. "You will special wishes?"Of course she had thought about it.There was a lot she liked doing in sex.But she wanted to be seduced by his imagination and his experiences."Do what you have to do to please me..." That sounded businesslike enough. She thought. And very businesslike.The callboy slowly unbuttoned her blouse and kissed her on the crook of her neck.His hands gently stroked her neck, slid down to her breasts.She flinched as they fumbled in the cups of her bra.She sighed as he played with her nipples.And reacted violently.Her nipples jumped into his experienced fingers, forced themselves on them.Finally she felt again the so familiar and at the same time missed sweet drawing in her abdomen.The way he massaged her breasts was very sensual and very arousing.She leaned back a little on the sofa.Let him do what he wanted with her.It would all be right. "His tongue played with the hard nipples until her nails dug into the pillows.Then he pushed her skirt up until she could spread her thighs.His hand slipped into her tiny panties and pushed them aside.For a long time and in detail, he looked at her love fruit, which straightened up under his lewd gaze.The first touch there was like an electric shock.The man knew how to touch a woman.She pressed against his hands and cried out as he dug his lips into the fruit.He was a pro.Through and through.What took other men ages to do, he did in moments.Every grip, every tongue stroke was placed just right.The right intensity and duration made every touch perfect.Sabrina screamed in pleasure way too fast.It was as if he were opening a valve that was under enormous pressure.The callboy pulled her off the couch and laid her face down on the floor.He skilfully slipped her tight panties down under her tight skirt.His hands lifted her pelvis.She was now lying in front of him like a cat.She spread her thighs of her own accord. And trembled in anticipation of his caress.His grip was practiced.How many women had he touched like that?His fingers cupped her clit, making it bigger and bigger.She heard the sound of feminine wetness and blissfully closed her eyes.When he suddenly poked his nimble tongue deep into her wet cave from behind, she screamed uninhibitedly with greed - it was just awesome!She massaged her lips and tongue with incredible relish and professionally.Sabrina couldn't help but surrender and wait for the total ecstasy guaranteed to surrender and wait for the total ecstasyguaranteed to come.Burrowing between her thighs, he caressed her most sensitive spot until it burned and blazed with desire.She moaned with pleasure and threw away her last inhibitions.Stretched and stretched lustfully beneath him.Spread her thighs further.How long had she not knelt in front of a man so wet with lust?How long had she not been so horny.This man was worth every penny.Tenderly, extensively and imaginatively, he spoiled her until she could no longer delay the first climax."Let yourself go!" he whispered in her ear. And she did. Passionately and extensively. She opened wide for him and let herself be carried away by the waves of lust that finally crashed over her in a single intense orgasmic feeling of happiness.When she could breathe a little deeper again, she turned to him.He had undressed while she squirmed in her ecstasy.He had a muscular body that shimmered alluringly.His chest was hairy, just like Sabrina liked it.There was an animal allure in his eyes that drew her in.Her gaze fell on his member.Of course, his member was perfectly built.Just grown and strong.With even, bulging testicles.She could see there was a lot of potency in them.Potency he would fire into her.Distribute deep into them.She sighed with pleasure at the thought of that pro cumming inside her.And he had to find her a little attractive, otherwise he wouldn't be able to boast such a magnificently stiff penis "Before she could think further, however,he pulled her backwards onto his strong thighs and thrust straight into her.Carefully but purposefully.Sabrina breathed faster.The limb was big.Not too big, but still.She started sweating."Do you like it?" Of course she nodded. How could she not delight that member. "Are you ready?"Again she nodded.She was just too eagerly ready.She needed that member right now.His rhythmic movements put her in the highest ecstasy in a flash.She was so starved for sexual satisfaction.And his professionalism was impressive.It seemed so effortless lifting her up and down on his cock.How he grabbed and pushed her.His soft moan did her good.His face, distorted with excitement, amazed her, but also delighted her.Was he really passionate? she wondered.Yes, he had to.Not too much.A callboy had to have his emotions under control, but a bit of shown horniness was definitely good for the customers.'Now!' she moaned loudly. And then louder and louder. 'Now, yes now, yes, yes...' The vortex of ecstasy swept her along.The waves of blazing desire subdued her.When had she last felt such lust?The man was worth his money.What's more... She slid up and down on him.Ever faster, ever more ecstatic.She leaned back, clutching his neck.The sight of her bobbing breasts turned her on even more.Time raced past them.It felt like hours and then like moments when he was inside her.She grabbed his balls, massaged and kneaded them,until he finally moaned with lust.Her fingers couldn't get enough of his bulging potency in those shapely balls.She wanted to push that potency out of them and deep into her abdomen.Then he thrust again.Deep and firm and climaxing from his loins and male pleasure drifting far into her throbbing abdomen. Sweat ran down her back and breasts.Her nipples ached with tension and her love fruit glowed with satiated lust. "Well, how was your gift?" Sabrina had invited the friends over for coffee to say thank you. And she didn't skimp on telling every detail, embellishing it, sparing sometimes a little exaggerated, why not?The women looked at her enviously.And Sabrina felt lust rise again as she described it.She would not tell the friends that she had booked the callboy again.She would now afford this sexual luxury once a month.After all, what was she working so hard for?And the guy was worth pocketing a little bit.This man gave her a lust that she didn't get in this form for nothing...

Excerpt from Lisa Cohen's book: "First time: for money!"